Vehicle Positioning Systems



How to get rid of an old tractor? Well, maybe you don't need to. There are several steps you can take to improve its productivity. By following these tips and techniques, you can help your old tractor perform better, operate more efficiently, and save money in the long run.

Adding a auto steer to farm tractors can help farmers work better. By using the auto steer system, farmers can be more efficient with their resources like fertilizer, pesticides, and fuel. This helps reduce waste and boost productivity. For instance, the system can create precise rows for planting, which means crops are spaced evenly and less fertilizer is needed. The auto steer system also makes farming more sustainable and reduces environmental harm. Moreover, using auto steer can save farmers time and make their work more efficient. This can lead to bigger harvests and more money.

Dozer System


The 2D and 3D system for Dozers and graders opens up new possibilities in earthmoving and precision grading. With it, the tasks of surface design and leveling are transferred inside the cabin. Work on your project independently and error-free anywhere.

Excavator System


The multi-functional 2D and 3D system displays the actual position of the bucket in relation to the design elevation and slope, which allows you to quickly reach the design level. 




Configure your 3D machine control solution fast and cost-effectively to suit the requirements of the task at hand. Reduce the complexity in your fleet with one platform for all machines and obtain better utilization of your components.

Indoor System


Using a variety of sensors, IPS technology detects and tracks data about a device’s location.  The location data is ingested by the positioning system generating accurate coordinates which are displayed on a dynamically updated map.